Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Who does your heart say you are?

Who you are is found in what your heart is!  Your looks, clothes, accomplishments, family, friends,  job, car, etc. doesn't matter when it comes to who you are.  When you look at someone, see their heart.  What's in their heart that makes them the way they are?  Broken people have something missing in their heart so they try to fill it with things (drugs, alcohol, sex, lust, people, etc.).  God made our hearts with the need for Him in them...we all have a void that can only be filled by God not the previously listed things.  When the God-shaped piece of our heart is filled with God, we find rest, peace, and joy.  You can't find rest, peace, and joy by filling that hole with emptiness...or things that don't fit (maybe temporarily).  Our heart is like a puzzle, the missing piece is God...putting a different thing there will not make your heart whole or the puzzle complete!  Accepting God into your heart fills that void, then you find pure and real joy. So, if you know someone who seems to not have that area filled or maybe they do but their actions show that they don't...dig deeper into their heart because they need The Answer, do not leave them behind (God could have brought them into your life so you could steer them in the right direction).  Some people may act like they are okay but inside they are yearning for something more.  As you are connected to the Spirit, you will know if someone has a void unfulfilled.  Let God use you to touch them and complete their "puzzle".  Allow yourself to be encouraged by the other hearts that are full to keep yourself full, but embrace those who's hearts are in turmoil.  Ask God to help your heart be connected to hearts and not the physical realm.  The love of God is the answer to mending a broken heart, a heart that can't find something or someone to give them joy.  Until you know the love of God, you can't love or be loved the way it's meant to be.  See the heart, not the behavior...God does!

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