Tuesday, September 13, 2011

BeAuTiFuL in God's Eyes

Search the Word and realize you are beautiful!  God made us in His image and He is outrageously beautiful...what does that make you?  As you ponder on the fact that you are beautiful to God--recognize that ALL God's children are beautiful to Him!  He sees us all the same...His precious kiddos!  So, since we are all the same to God and He sees us no differently than another person...let's go forth and follow His ways.  Look at someone and see pure beauty, gaze into their eyes and see Jesus!  God doesn't pick favorites, so we shouldn't either.  Think about it, how would you like to be God's favorite?  Or God's least favorite?  Take that to consideration when you look to your left or right...who's there?  It doesn't matter who is there, what matters is how you treat them.  As Christians, we are called to mimic Christ.  How would Christ treat those around you?  As I stated in my last post, the way we look doesn't make us beautiful...it is our heart.  Looks change, God doesn't.  Search your heart...better yet, let God search your heart, then let Him clean house!  The cross around your neck doesn't make you a Christian, the outpourting of love for The Cross and the way you act because of it does.  You can always purchase a new necklace or get one as a gift...however, there is only One Cross that is The Ultimate Gift and the only one that really has significance.  He paid a much higher price on The Cross than anyone can on a cross.  Do you realize that because of Jesus' death on the cross we now have access to God? He can call us beautiful BECAUSE of an ugly death of crucifiction.  We are not by any means beautiful by our own works but by Jesus' works we can be called RIGHTEOUS!  Jesus died so we could live and be in communion with Our Father!  Jesus is The Way, The Truth, The Life...no one comes to The Father except through Him:)!  God created the earth with you in mind, Jesus died on The Cross with you in mind...that's Love, that's Beautiful.  You are worth more than you know-others are worth more than you think.  Dig deep so you can wrap your mind around what beauty is and remind yourself it is NOT what you see, but it's found within.  God might not even know what we look like because it's the heart He is interested in.  Put on your God glasses.

He is the Potter and we are the clay...

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