Monday, November 22, 2010

Facebook or God?

So, I decided to take a short break from facebook earlier this month. It would last until I was given a word from God about it.  I had a facebook addiction and I didn't feel close to God so I wanted to get off of facebook and into God.  Over the two weeks, God showed me amazing things.  First of all, it was actually not as difficult to not go on facebook as I'd thought it would be.  I would seriously go on multiple times a day and find things to do on there for hours.  God brought to me the revelation, that He is indeed more faithful to me than facebook...that He was always there and facebook was not.  I would set myself up for major disappointment when I would log on to facebook only to see that no one sent me a message or wrote on my wall...the devil would automatically let me know I had no friends and no one liked me.  God then said to me, 'I wrote something's called My Message to you, the Bible. How can you go hours longing to know some person is thinking of you just by having them write on your wall.  If you have time to do that, you definitely have time to seek Me.  If you choose Me first, I promise you will feel closer to Me. I am constantly thinking of you and I have many things I want to share with you.  Will you listen?'  He showed me in my time of listening to Him that a friend is way more than someone that simply writes on your wall...a friend will see you face to face, call you, pray with and for you, be with you in good times and bad.  The term facebook friend does no justice to Jesus dying on the cross for me.  Jesus is my best friend and God blesses me with true friends.  God said He will not physically write on my wall, but He will always write beautiful messages on my heart.  I have chosen to spend more time with God, energizing my Spirit and less time on facebook, weakening my Spirit.  I will use facebook as a means to spread God's love and His Word, not giving the devil an open door to bringing me down.

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