Thursday, October 28, 2010

Keep it simple, sweetheart!

God is beyond beautiful!  He constantly reminds us of His unfailing love for us and encourages us to share His love with others.  Sometimes we make life way more complicated than God created it to be.  I was just listening to a Joyce Meyer series called Simple Prayer...Simple Life.  I love how God speaks through her and directly to my heart.  This was such an eye opening series to listen to and take in.  I learned that life is simple and the devil makes it complicated to blur what God intended.  It's awesome to know that we don't have to put on this big show for God in order for us to be acceptable to Him.  He chose us before we were even here and had Jesus die on the cross so that we might be righteous in His eyes.  If that's not love, I don't know what is.  I've been struggling to understand what God is trying to get to me through His Word.  I find myself not able to concentrate on what it says.  I'm learning now to not use the words on the page but to seek out what He means in my life by being quiet and not trying so hard.  We are sooo blessed to have an instruction manual for "How to Live".  He wrote the Bible as a love letter to His that we would be able to live in this world.  I'm happy to have been given the revolation that I am not of this world, I'm just here temporarily to fulfill God's plan for my life.  I'm still not totally positive as to my calling...but I'm confident that God knows and will reveal my purpose!  He has a purpose for amazing is He?  Wow!  His love is greater than our comprehension:)  I hear God saying to me...keep it simple, sweetheart.  It is my choice to keep it simple or let things get complicated. I choose to keep things simple in this complicated world.  I've made things complicated before and I'm glad God got me out of that.  However, because I was in a major complicating season...I learned how not enjoyable it was.  Simplicity is brilliance.  Jesus came so that we might have life and enjoy it...not to complicate it. 

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